What do we do?

What do we do?

FREDIMAQ offers its customers a comprehensive maintenance service of the material.

•  Preventive maintenance: Very important to avoid major breakdowns.
•  Maintenance contracts: Contracts adapted and customized according to the needs and structure of the client.
•  Spare parts: We have spare parts available to respond more quickly to interventions.
•  Repair of all types of hospitality machinery, industrial cold and air conditioning.
•  24 hours service, weekends 365 days a year.
•  Rational Dealer Service
•  Sale of hospitality equipment

Quality politics.

For FREDIMAQ, customer satisfaction is our main priority.
•  We assure our clients a quick intervention
•  We solve professionally all kinds of technical problems.
•  We listen to the customer and act accordingly.
•  We honor our commitments.
•  We communicate proactively and transparently.
•  The quality of our services are impeccable
•  We plan, control and evolve according to the market.

Customer satisfaction is our quality policy to ensure growth and durability over time.
Projects and developments
FREDIMAQ plans to expand its structure to offer more services to our customers. Consequently we want to expand our workshop, the spare parts section to have more stock and have an exhibition of machines.
FREDIMAQ has a vision oriented to the future, we want to move from a small company to a great pioneer company at the level of ideas and technology. With a market in full change, FREDIMAQ has decided to adapt to the evolutions to meet the demand and offer more service and new ideas to the country.